Welcome To S.P.A Solo Raya

I am truly honored to be once again appointed Principal of SPA Solo Raya an International School in Central Java.  I  was the pioneer Principal some ten years ago when the school was first opened in July 2006.  It was my joy and pride to have been asked again to lead the school in 2017.   My journey in education really started in 1965 when I first became a teacher in a Primary school.  Soon after,  I was made Head of Department and after leading in this area for a few years was appointed Principal after completing a Diploma in Educational Administration course focusing on school leadership in 1986.  All these work experiences took place in Singapore my home country.   

   The school vision and mission statements which are still relevant will not be changed.  The push for a holistic education is constantly revised and adapted to ensure that the school programmes stay effective.  The school is doing well in the area of the cognitive domain as good results are achieved in the Cambridge  Assessment International Education.  The school provides a wide range of sports and games including swimming lessons tailored for the growth and physical development of its students.  

In the affective domain,  the school provides ample opportunities for students to develop in the visual and performing arts.  To augment this learning, intra-competitions are organised to showcase talent.  In the area of experiential learning,  the school organises school camps, visits to places of educational interest community service outings and support groups for the needy.  Through these activities  we hope to develop leadership qualities in our students.  Important as they are, these features cannot be learnt from text books.

 Education is far from being complete if character education is not given its due importance.  In SPA,  social and individual values are promoted both through formal weekly pastoral care lessons  and informally whenever there is a ' teachable moment ' teachers would seize  the opportunity to discuss and convey the desired values.  This is borne out through the philosophy of  the school that values education  is both  'taught ' and 'caught' in building character in an individual.  

  Students' education is a partnership between the Home and the School.  My message to parents is,  to stay engaged in your child's education, monitoring their school homework and keeping in contact with the school by attending Parent/Teacher  sessions.  Our curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities for all students attending our school. We believe that every learner is unique and special and that they all have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every learner to prepare them for life. 

Indeed, how the world has changed!   Not long ago, educators termed the illiterate as those who could not read and write, but there is a new twist to it, for the illiterate of the 21st century will be those who have, although acquired knowledge, must be prepared to unlearn, and relearn. With globalization and the rate of information flow in this day and age, one must shed outdated information and relearn to stay relevant. We in SPA give emphasis to this educational statement.

I feel fortunate and blessed to be in this leadership role in SPA.  

Yours sincerely,

Colin Pereira