SPA Solo Raya, the school draws a direct association with the eminent educationist and philosopher, Jean Piaget, with his “Constructivist Theory of Learning”, which espouses that knowledge should be created, not only acquired.

In 2005, Mr H.M. Lukminto rallied a number of prominent businessmen in Indonesia, including Mr Hartono Setyo, Mr Hendry Surjanto, Mr Arief Nugroho, Mr Wiryawan Arya, Mr Wahyu Iskandar, Mr Hendarto Prasetiyo and Mr Kunto Harjono to start an international school known as Singapore Piaget Academy, Solo Raya. With the help of Ms Megawati Budiono, this institution was established in 2006. From then on, parents in Solo no longer needed to send their children to Jakarta or overseas for a quality education.

We aim to provide an international style of education for our students, so that they may one day face the world’s future challenges. At the same time, they will also be inculcated with traditional Javanese values. In short, though we think globally, we hope to act locally too.


An institution of excellence with a vibrant learning community, where students can achieve full potential in their academic, physical and character development.


To nurture capable individuals to be responsible citizens for the global society by maintaining an active partnership involving students, teacher, parents, community and staff to develop lifelong learners with good character while embracing our diversity and unique talents in a safe, challenging, respectful and supportive environment.

Board Of Trustees

we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our Board of Trustees for their continuous support to the S.P.A., Solo Raya. Their noble attempt to strive for top quality education is an example for all. it also indoctrinates an insatiable pursuit of knowledge and unwavering deermination into all the chidren of S.P.A., Solo Raya.

  • Iwan S. Lukminto
  • Hartono Setyo
  • Oei Hendarto Prasetyo
  • Arief Nugroho
  • Hendry Surjono
  • Kunto Harjono
  • Wiryawan Arya
  • Wahyu Iskandar

How Unique Is S.P.A. Solo

At S.P.A. Solo Raya , learning is not confined only to the four walls of the classroom. The teacher are trained to engage studenys in various ways to make learning fun yet effective.

The teacher may have taught but has the student learned? We strongly believe that student-centred learning is the key to their socio-emotional development, a criteria necessary for them to be succesful individuals.

Our strategies include collaborative work, fieldwork, video discussions, student leardership and presentations, movie making, entrepreneurship trips, competitions, games etc. These varied methods of teaching and learning not only develop our student academicially but also holistically. Our focus on character development is integral in supporting their pursuit of excellence , via a creative and healthy classroom environment.

The S.P.A. Song

Concieve, Believe, Achieve it, the future waits for you
Tommorow starts today to make your dream come true
Cherish the things that you will learn each day
For they are the precious gems that light your way

S.P.A.I wear your name with pride
S.P.A. my Teacher and my guide
I want to be the best that I can be
I know the future will be bright for me

Concieve it believe in it you have to see it through
With faith and trust in your God you’ll surely see it’s true
We all are one family, helpful , always kind
Surely you know you won’t be left behind

S.P.A.I wear your name with pride
S.P.A. my teacher and my guide
I want to be the best that i can be
I know the future will be bright for me

By Winston Peter Thomas

Education Pathway