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Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center (18 Months – 5 Years Old)

Montessori Approach

In our Early Learning Centre, children are provided with a carefully designed environment that maximises their optimum potential. We use a comprehensive Montessori Method with a planned programme of learning activities to meet the children’s personal, physical, cognitive, moral, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

The Pedagogy

Through the Montessori approach, the child develops the attitude for love of work and refinement of movements. They will also be able to establish a strong foundation in both oral and written communication: Love of Learning, Ability to concentrate, Independence, Self discipline, Self motivation, Pleasure in working for his or her own sake, Ability to work alone.

Early Learning Center Curriculum

Language Arts (English & Chinese) :
  • Develops the child’s ability to listen.
  • Encourages free oral expression.
  • Balances both psycho and motor skills for reading and writing.
  • Exercises for both writing and reading.
Cultural Arts :
  • Geography – Learn about facts of the world.
  • History – Learn about changes of things with time.
  • Botany and Zoology – Learn about plants and animals.
  • Science – Experience physical phenomenons exhibited on earth.
  • Music and Arts – Develop an aesthetic sense of appreciation.
Mathematics :
  • Understand basic Math concepts.
  • Develops number readiness through concrete experiences, stories, songs and games.
  • Integrates arithmetic and geometry experiences in the child’s movements.
  • Involves basic numbers, decimals, operations and fractions.
Sensorial Arts :
  • Develops the ability to distinguish colour, form, dimension, sound, taste, smell, and touch.
  • Sharpens the child’s sense of observation and mental alertness.
  • Enriches the child’s sensorial language expression.