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S. P. A. Library

S. P. A. Library
(NPP: 3311091D2000002)


SPA Library is located on Jl. Jlopo no 20, RT01, RW 7, Gedangan, Grogol, Sukoharjo. It is a learning resource that supports the achievement of quality learning outcomes. As a learning resource, the existence of the school library plays a role in increasing the knowledge of users. It is hoped that the SPA Library can become a source of learning for the school community. SPA Library is always improving to optimize its role in supporting teaching and learning activities and to be able to serve readers as well as possible. Library opening hours: Monday-Friday, 07.00-16.00.


Becoming an information center which is able to enrich students' insight to maximize the development of students in both academic and non-academic fields.


Nurturing students' literacy awareness as early as possible to support students' holistic development which enables them to compete in the era of globalization.

Purpose of the Library

Promoting literacy culture in the school environment to create a school community who is able to think and express opinions critically and scientifically.

Library Service Information :
  • On-site reading service: book reading service in the library environment.
  • Circulation services: Services for borrowing and returning library materials.
  • Reference services: Guidance services for searching reference collections.
  • Searching service: Service for searching and finding information in the library.
  • Document provision services: Document provision services for learning and administration.
  • Extension services: Providing book corners in the classroom environment and organizing library book clubs.

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